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As far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to work with animals

Why did I take on Windlebrook Stables?

When the chance came to take over Windlebrook Stables I jumped at the opportunity. It has always been my dream to run and manage an equine yard. I have worked at many equine establishments throughout my life and I have learned from some very good people. My thoughts are always to try and make the yard clean, efficient and a fun place to be. I’ve invested heavily to make my dream come true and I am hoping that more horse owners can come and join my pride and joy!

Why do I have such a great passion for horses?

Horses are wonderful, graceful, glorious creatures, there are so many things to like about them. The way they move, their fluid bodies and their shining coats, the way they smell, their odd-shaped noses and ticklish ears.

Every one of them is fascinating and different with their own characters. They are just simply magnificent beasts that are beautifully bred and handsome.

Before and after clipping | Windlebrook Stables (196*)
Louisa Kelly riding | Windlebrook Stables (196*)
Horse outside Windlebrook Stables (196*)
Horse relaxing in stable at Windlebrook Stables

Why would you come to Windlebrook Stables?

Choosing a livery yard is an important decision and my yard includes 11 stables, secure tack rooms, a hay store, a feed store, a floodlit riding arena (great for dark winter nights), show jumps, a canter track and there are many local hacking routes. The riding arena and jumps can also be hired by the public. There is parking and availability for a number of horseboxes and trailers (paid for service), and there are hot and cold washing facilities. The grooming and clipping services are available to all the public.

There are several fields that are shared between horses allowing them to interact naturally in couples or as a herd, and I also offer individual turnouts so some horses have their own paddocks to graze in during the day. There is flexible access so owners can attend to their horses at a variety of times.

The security of horses, tack and equipment at the livery yard is very important to everyone and I have alarms and security devices throughout the yard. The paddocks are protected by electrical fencing and secure gates.

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