About Us

As far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to work with animals

Why did I take on Windlebrook Stables?

I love Windlebrook for so many reasons. When I first went to view the yard it was very run down and needed a huge amount of TLC. I knew it was going to take a lot of work but I could see the potential, I could see what I wanted it to be. The location is lovely. When you go through those front gates and shut them behind you it's like a secret oasis full of life. I do also believe there is always room for improvement, I have so many plans to keep improving the yard and every 6 months there is something new or improved with my main priority always being the care and wellbeing of the horses. 

Why do I have such a great passion for horses?

I have always loved horses, being around them, helping them, learning with them and about them. My first horse was a rescue, Todd. I am a bit of a sucker for a rescue as most people know! I love building that bond, knowing all about them and each horse's specific needs. Horses are such a great escape from everyday life. They always lift your spirits and make you happy. At Windlebrook we put a lot of time, effort and patience into our horses so when we go out and about to all the shows and come back with great feedback, comments, scores and ribbons it's the best and worthwhile for sure.


Come to Windlebrook Stables?

Choosing a livery yard is a big step and an important decision for you and your horse. Our job at Windlebrook Stables is to accommodate each horse's needs to a high standard. Windlebrook is a 14 box yard with a 20m x 40m floodlit sand/rubber arena with mirrors & plastic show jumps, beautiful range of hacking from hours of common land over Brentmoor Heath to quiet bridle paths for a shorter ride near the yard. Alarmed, secure tack room and storage room. A hay barn where we also store our haylage, wood pellet bedding and shavings, grass canter track in summer months. There is parking and availability for a number of horseboxes and trailers (paid for service), and there is a hot wash down bay. The grooming and clipping services are available to all the public.

We have a good system with the fields and grazing. The horses are put into pairs for turnout taking care to make sure the pair is well suited and will get on. Although I believe it's nice for horses as herd animals to have a friend or two, we also offer individual turnout for those that need this. Our fields get rotated often to make sure no fields get over grazed and stay well kept. 

We always ensure at all the right times of year that the fields are harrowed, rolled, re-seeded, sprayed and fertilized when needed. 

In 2022 we had all weather sand fibre turnout pens put in behind our stable block, a very short dry walk away for the horses. The pens are fantastic for lots of reasons... Very wet days, any horses coming out of box rest and into pens before going into big fields, any mud fever problems, laminitis. The horses really do like them too. We find they lay down a lot out in the pens which shows how relaxed they are. The pens are big enough that they can have a friend in with them or even when they are next to each other they are still close enough. They have ad-lib hay or haylage as this is very important! Best of all, no mud! 

Also in 2022 we had a horse walker installed which is another great asset to have and frequently in use.

Windlebrook gives you that “feel good” feeling. Everyone is so friendly and the atmosphere is great and I feel that is very important and lovely to be a part of.  Above all the horses genuinely are very well cared for.

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